2015 - OUDEM - My House

Entrant Name: Alicia Krummel

Residency Program: University of Oklahoma Department of Emergency Medicine

Based at the OU School of Community Medicine, the Emergency Medicine Department in Tulsa, Oklahoma is home to 17 enthusiastic residents who want to show you what our practice is all about! We love taking care of the sick and dying, and we love doing procedures. From central lines to intubations to joint reductions, we do it all in our shop! Welcome to our house!


  • Alec Watson
  • Landon Vinson
  • Adam Summers
  • Amanda Satterwhite
  • Julie Dodson
  • Jaron Soulek
  • Stephn Drywater
  • Kevin Kierl
  • Michael Figueiredo
  • Drew Gibson
  • Ben Lynch
  • Emily Williwma
  • Boyd Burns
  • Anton Dreier
  • John Turner
  • John Lopez
  • Russell Anderson
  • Tino Red