2015 - What Happens in Vegas

Entrant Name: Omar Ahmed

Residency Program: Las Vegas Emergency Residency Program

In Las Vegas, beneath the bright lights of the famous strip, we learn the trade of emergency medicine. We stay busy, work hard, and play hard, all in the city that never sleeps. We take care of anyone from the homeless to prized UFC Fighters and everything in between. Come roll the dice with our program to learn about up to date medicine, manage high acuity patients, and provide excellent care.


  • Nathan Cleveland
  • David Nelson
  • Teya Casner
  • Lauren Pellman
  • Leon Eydelman
  • Arjun Iyer
  • Sean Weaver
  • Chau Tran
  • Clayton Wu
  • Meena Subramanian
  • Megan McKay
  • Michael Holtz
  • Ben Fox
  • Iggie Tanone (Co-Director, Co-Producer, Co-Writer