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Ken Chatfield

Chief Information and Technology Officer

Ken Chatfield is the Chief Information and Technology Officer (CIO) for US Acute Care Solutions (USACS). He is responsible for the strategy and delivery of information services for the company. 

A four-time Fortune 500 executive, Ken brings a long track record of transforming traditional operations and achieving outstanding growth for large healthcare organizations. Most recently, Ken was Chief Information Officer for Sheridan Healthcare, now part of Envision Physician Services, an organization employing more than 23,000 physicians with 35 million patient encounters per year.

As CIO of Sheridan, Chatfield led product development, software and hardware engineering, project management, vendor management, infrastructure and operations, field service, end user support and enterprise data, and directed a staff of 680 people. Before that, Chatfield served as CIO for Health Management Associates, based in Florida, with 71 hospitals in 15 states. He has also served in senior IT and operations roles with various software and technology solutions companies.

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