Always Here, Always Ready...

Entrant Name: Andrew Little

Residency Program: Doctors Hospital

The OU-HCOM/Doctors Hospital Emergency Medicine Residency Program in Columbus, Ohio is a four year program that is dedicated to educating the finest emergency physicians by instilling in our residents the passion for continuing education, research, and patient advocacy, while developing the skills for productive, fulfilling, lifelong careers in emergency medicine.   We do this by providing outstanding clinical rotations and a dynamic didactic curriculum that focuses on problem based, small group discussions and hands on, experiential learning scenarios.  We emphasize clinical research in order to advance medical knowledge in emergency medicine and promote continuous self-education to maintain a state of the art knowledge base.  We promote wellness in ourselves as well as our patients with a culture that tends to mind, body and spirit.  We are THE BEST IN EMERGENCY MEDICINE.

Credits: Tanner Gronowski, Drew Kalnow, Amanda Overstreet, Bill Fraser