Photo of Parental Leave

US Acute Care Solutions’ (USACS) groundbreaking new parental leave policy, announced in July, will take effect beginning in 2017. The industry-leading policy gives 12 weeks of leave for birth mothers in addition to benefits for adoptive primaries, fathers, partners, spouses, and other non-primary caregivers.

The new policy will support USACS’ goal of becoming a destination employer of choice for women and parents.

“At a time when women’s issues are front and center in the politics and culture of American life, employers in emergency medicine have no excuse anymore not to step up as a matter of principle and of competitiveness,” said Chesney Fowler, MD, Director of Recruiting for USACS Mid-Atlantic. “Let’s hope other specialties also fallow suit, followed by other areas of health care, and eventually the U.S. economy as a whole.”

USACS’ new parental leave policy includes:

  • Father, partner, spouse and other non-primary caregivers
    • 2 weeks at 100% pay
  • Adoptive or surrogate parents
    • 2 weeks at 100% pay
    • 4 weeks at 50% pay
  • Birth mothers
    • 8 weeks at 100% pay
      • (2 weeks parental leave + 6 weeks short-term disability)
    • 4 weeks of 50% pay
    • Flexible clinical scheduling for 3 months post leave (as available)

Learn more about the paid parental leave policy