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Traveling Physicians

Through the Traveling Physician Firefighter Program, USACS emergency and hospitalist physicians have a unique ability to do the job they love and live where they choose.

Join Our Physician Firefighter Team

A solution developed by USACS to meet short term staffing needs, the Firefighter Program dispatches USACS physicians to partner hospitals throughout the country. Physician Firefighters appreciate the exciting benefits – which include flexible schedules and competitive pay – as well as the opportunity to employ best practices in a variety of settings.

Other Outstanding Benefits

No On-Call Shifts
Schedules are surprisingly predictable, as you’re never “on call.” Your shifts are determined – and mutually agreed upon – ahead of time.

Paid Travel
USACS covers your Firefighter travel expenses.

Enjoy Quality Time

Many of our clinicians choose the Firefighter Program because it affords longer stretches of time with family. They often find they have more predictable hours than with local jobs and enjoy the ability to be fully immersed in family life while they are off.

Meet Dr. Deepika Singh

Dr. Singh, an emergency medicine physician and mother of two, found a lifestyle she enjoys through the traveling physician program.

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Choose Your Home Base

With the traveling physician program, physicians live where they want. They don’t have to choose between a job they love and their preferred location. They enjoy the opportunity to work with other residency-trained, board-certified physicians who are dedicated to their specialty. When they’re working, it’s within a USACS-staffed partner hospital so they’re not constantly learning new systems. Most traveling physicians are consistently assigned to the same location.

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As a traveling physician with US Acute Care Solutions, you have the opportunity to explore a great career in emergency medicine with the unique ability to work where and when you want. Learn how USACS Firefighters take on the greatest clinical challenges across the nation to support our organization’s success.
We believe a well-balanced life is necessary as Emergency Medicine is a difficult specialty. USACS supports career needs, personal wellness, family issues, and fun!
We’re all in this together as we have equal share, responsibility, and ownership. USACS invests in both personal and career aspects of life, offering excellent 401k options, competitive benefit plans, and professional growth opportunities.

So Many Exciting Locations

USACS manages teams in hospital systems nationwide. Find a location or just see how many places you might go as a USACS Firefighter physician.

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Talk to a recruiter about positions staffed by USACS. Let our experienced team lead you through the career maze of competitive salaries, signing bonuses, retirement plans, insurance and medical malpractice coverage.


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