Stamford Health & Immediate Care Center at Tully Health Center

Hospital Information

  • Stamford Health is a 305-bed community teaching hospital serving more than 200,000 people in Fairfield County
  • Facility maintains modern presentation and is undergoing periodic renovation
  • Active EMS program
  • Level II Trauma Center designation with dedicated surgical trauma response team
  • The hospital has freestanding residencies in Medicine, OB, Surgery, Family Practice and Orthopedic Surgery
  • Associate Clinical Faculty positions are available for Emergency Physicians through the Department of Internal Medicine at Columbia University
  • Major burns and complex pediatrics are transferred via established referral network
  • Full service back-up includes neurosurgery, psychiatry, and pediatrics; immediate cardiology response is mandated for emergency cardiac consults; Interventional Cardiac Lab and STEMI Team 24/7
  • Excellent equipment includes 2 CTs, 1 MRI and access to open MRI plus a dedicated emergency department ultrasound machine
  • Open Heart program was established in 2008

Emergency Department

  • 19% admission rate, representing 50% of total hospital admissions
  • 21 treatment rooms and 6-bed fast track area
  • Efficient rectangular layout with central nursing station
  • High acuity facility. Pathology comprised of broad community type pathology including pediatrics, medical, surgical, geriatrics and minor trauma
  • High quality nursing staff
  • Established AIDS Clinic with nurse practitioners who manage most AIDS cases
  • Full Department status; ED physicians do not write admitting orders or respond to floor codes
  • Radiology room located in ED with dedicated tech 24 hours per day; ultrasound machine available in ED
  • Active Hospitalists facilitate many admissions
  • PhysicianFirst physician-in-triage program 12 hours a day
  • PA staffing 16 hours a day in Fast Track 12 hours per day in ICC

Immediate Care Center

  • The Immediate Care Center is located across town in Tully Health Center
  • ICC has designated staff is open 12 hours per day on weekdays and 10 hours on the weekends


Located just 35 miles northeast of Manhattan, coastal Fairfield County is unique and diverse. Connecticut’s New England Heritage and proximity to New York City combine to unite Yankee hospitality and charm with a unique blend of big city cultural sophistication. Previously considered a bedroom community to NYC, Stamford now hosts a significant number of Fortune 500 companies. Enjoy concerts, plays and world-class art exhibits. Rivers, lakes and 250 miles of shoreline provide for your water sport interests. Restaurants offer every cuisine under the sun. Outdoor recreation from biking and hiking to snowboarding is available nearby. Housing options range from urban apartments to gracious small towns and suburbs to 200 year-old farmhouses. The public schools consistently rank at the top nationwide, and have more private schools per capita than any other state.

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Stamford Health & Immediate Care Center at Tully Health Center

 Stamford Health & Immediate Care Center at Tully Health Center

30 Shelburne Rd.
Stamford, CT 06902

Site Leadership

Photo of Arun Nandi MD, FRCS, FACEP
Arun Nandi MD, FRCS, FACEP Chairman, Medical Director
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