Staten Island University Hospital (SIUH)

Entrant Name:
Jerel Chacko

Residency Program:
Staten Island University Hospital (SIUH)

Description & Comments:
SIUH consists of two sites (North and South) which are two of only three hospitals on Staten Island. SIUH North is a level-I trauma center, a STEMI center with a 24-hour cath lab, a regional burn center, and a stroke center. SIUH South is a community-based hospital with a faster pace and limited back-up services available. Here, you truly get the best of both worlds.

Additional Credits:
Carlos PeÃ'aherrera, Ross Hardy, Shant Broukian, Paul Barbara, Cara Brown, Kevin Tavangarian, Josh Greenstein, Yvonne Giunta, Amit Gupta, Shawn Xun Zhong, Jessica Preedy, Amy Mathew, Moshe Weizberg

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