2016 - The Browncoats

Third Place Winner!

Entrant Name: John Purakal

Residency Program: University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) Emergency Medicine Residency Program

The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) Emergency Medicine Residency Program is one of the oldest in the country. Accredited in 1982, our residents have been providing excellent emergency care for 35 years across the Chicagoland area. Our four sites offer a comprehensive learning experience for young physicians, with exposure to various patient populations, pathology, and trauma. While the program provides an outstanding academic environment to become board-certified emergency physicians, the people that make up the UIC family are truly what makes it special. 

Our residents have earned the sobriquet "The Browncoats," referring to the non-traditional physician coats that help easily identify them throughout the hospital in case of an emergency. The Browncoats are diverse, unique individuals with a myriad of talents that the program fosters and celebrates. With physician wellness at the forefront of our field, UIC gives its residents the tools to succeed clinically, while promoting their individuality and well-being during these arduous residency years.


  • Kevin Cooper, Director
  • De Cooper, Producer
  • Bobby Bennet, Cinematographer
  • Elston Films Production Company
  • Billy Dec, Executive Producer
  • Kat Stephans, Executive Producer
  • John Purakal, MD, Executive Producer