Clinician Orientation

Starting a career at USACSPhoto of USACS' Orientation Session

Led by US Acute Care Solutions (USACS) president and CEO, Dr. Dominic Bagnoli, orientation is the first step in developing the world-class clinicians our organization is known for. At USACS, orientation is a two-day program designed to introduce new clinicians to the company’s culture and educate them about the benefits of physician ownership.

Two annual orientation sessions are held each year, with separate courses tailored to the needs of physicians and advanced practice providers (APPs). These courses include: 

  • The history of USACS
  • The future of health care
  • Legislative advocacy in emergency medicine
  • Risk management at USACS
  • About the National Clinical Governance Board
  • The benefits of physician ownership
  • Compensation and benefits
  • The power of integrated acute care
  • Many more…

Contact USACS to learn more about our clinician orientation program.