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Women's Destination

Scan the healthcare industry and you’ll find women consistently under-represented in emergency medicine, hospital medicine, observation medicine, and other disciplines. That’s not good for physicians, advanced practice providers (APPs), health systems, or the patients we serve. Though the numbers are increasing, there is still much we can do to improve.  

USACS: The destination of choice for women in healthcare 

At US Acute Care Solutions (USACS), we’re working to advance gender diversity in our industry with a progressive initiative that is the first of its kind in integrated acute care. 

USACS is well-positioned to launch this program because our physician-owned model allows us to create collaborative company policies that reflect the wants and needs of our nationwide workforce. Gender diversity is not just good for our team. It benefits the health systems we serve. When physicians and APPs mirror the diversity of their patients, better care and better outcomes follow. 

Our approach

Become a Destination Employer for Women 

We don’t assume to know what our female workforce wants. We are forming regional focus groups and assessing national benchmarks to identify a wish list for female employees. To transform USACS into a destination of choice for women in healthcare, we have: 

  • Created management, networking and support opportunities for female leaders. 
  • Developed a parental leave and flexible self-scheduling policy that considers the needs of all parental caregivers. 
  • Developed a company-wide breastfeeding policy. 
  • Considered childcare options during mandatory company meetings.

Manager Education  

Properly training our management staff is an essential first step in understanding the needs of women in our workforce and supporting them on their paths to success. To educate our management team on diversity and inclusion, we have:    

  • Partnered with local universities and other large corporations to develop a diverse training curriculum. 
  • Created a work environment that encourages female representation at all levels of the organization. 
  • Developed well-trained, high-quality managers who understand the unique needs of the women on their teams.  

Create Career Pathways 

USACS has developed a subcommittee dedicated to building career pathways and identifying ways the company can be transparent about career opportunities for women. In partnership with our human resources department, this committee has: 

  • Established a standard process for publicizing job openings to all qualified candidates. 
  • Expanded application pools through continuing education and skills development. 
  • Created management, networking and support opportunities for women. 
  • Built a networking system where female leaders within the company support and engage new women in leadership. 
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Why it matters

  • Women make up 50 percent of the medical student population and 40 percent of emergency medicine residents. 
  • Earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) margins at more diverse companies are 14 percent higher than in more homogeneous companies. 
  • Gender-diverse business units have up to 46 percent higher comparable revenue rates than those dominated by one gender. 
  • When a clinical team reflects the diversity of the patients it serves, outcomes are consistently better.

The Shift Blog

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