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Professional Development

At US Acute Care Solutions (USACS), we believe if you stop learning, you stop leading. As owners, we’re empowered to make education a top priority.  

Learn more about our education programs below. 


Scholars Program 

Our Scholars Program equips and empowers our future leaders. Over 70% of previous graduates have served as site medical directors and over 90% have served in administrative roles in USACS. 



Efficiency Academy 

This course focuses on methods to improve a physician’s clinical workflow, teaching them to run their department – instead of letting their department run them. 

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Clinical Teaching Academy  

This full-day course shows you how to be a more effective clinical teacher. Learn to improve your teaching skills with tools that can be used at the bedside and while on shift. 

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Provider Engagement & Patient Experience Academy  

This three-day course places physicians and advanced practice providers (APPs) head-to-head with patient-actors in simulated encounters, leading to better patient care and higher physician and APP satisfaction.  

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USACS APP Academy  

The USACS APP Academy prepares advanced practice providers (APPs) for leadership roles within the company. Courses discuss personal introspection, team building, conflict resolution, and leadership skills in the context of acute care medicine.  

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Patient Advocacy

National Clinical Governance Board

This board oversees all clinical governance issues throughout the company. The NCGB establishes and disseminates evidence-based clinical guidelines, monitors and assesses clinical outcomes, and develops programs to improve patient care. 

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Continuing Education 

Crucial Conversations 

This course teaches physicians and advanced practice providers (APPs) how to turn difficult conversations into powerful and meaningful dialogues that will help them make better decisions and improve professional relationships. 

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Clinician Orientation 

Our orientation brings all newly hired physicians and advanced practice providers (APPs) together for an in-depth introduction to the USACS partnership. We cover everything from employment basics to improved performance and risk management, so you’ll be positioned for long-term success. 

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USACS Medical Director Assembly 

Held annually, USACS Assemblies are intended for leaders in our group. This event unites our nationwide company around best practices and ensures common goals and and a shared vision. 

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Emergency Medicine Skills Lab 

The Emergency Medicine Skills Lab instructs incoming physicians and advanced practice providers (APPs) on the indications, contraindications, complications, and equipment needed for critical care procedures. 

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Physician Immigration Guide 

Learn about the team of recruiters, attorneys, and specialists who are ready to help you navigate the immigration system at no cost to you as a full-time physician with USACS. 

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