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We Own It.

We believe ownership means a better model of care. As owners, we are completely invested in our success – and dedicated to our team of fellow physicians and APPs. We work with purpose, integrity, and a clarity formed by continually reviewing patient outcomes. 

Our Foundation

At USACS, we think ownership matters, and it’s the foundation for everything we do. We’re always willing to talk about why we’re so passionate. 

“Physician ownership is a very interesting model in medicine. Our company is at the forefront of promoting that.” John Casey, D.O., M.A., FACEP

Owning Patient Outcomes 

By improving and implementing best practices, we serve our partners well. Our goal is to bring hospital and healthcare systems into alignment. We do this by providing continuity of care from one connected team.  

Partner With US

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Owning Our Future 

As a physician-owned company, we’re committed to improving work/life satisfaction for acute care physicians and APPs. If you want to work with a group of like-minded people, where care is patient-driven, not profit-driven, USACS could be the right fit.  

Working At USACS

Ownership in Action

We are always evolving to meet the needs of the changing medical industry. Read these real-life examples of how integrated care delivers improved results for both healthcare facilities and patients.

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RPM = Success

Rapid Patient Management (RPM) reduces LWBS rates, sometimes as low as one percent.

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Increased Patient Satisfaction  

A high-volume urgent care clinic saw results after USACS implemented changes. 

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Sustainable Outcomes 

USACS suggested optimal solutions, even stress-testing them during volume surges. 

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Explore USACS Careers 

As a supportive team, we offer physicians and APPs a place that feels like home. If you’d like to explore a clinical career with USACS, you can start by reviewing our locations and career possibilities.  

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Talk to a recruiter about positions staffed by USACS. Let our experienced team lead you through the career maze of competitive salaries, signing bonuses, retirement plans, insurance, and medical malpractice coverage.

If you’re a patient, please click here to pay your bill or connect with a member of our patient services team.


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