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Chattanooga Emergency Medicine (CEM)

Chattanooga Emergency Medicine (CEM) is a small, democratic physician group who staffs three hospitals in Tennessee and Georgia. Comprised of around 20 physicians, the regional group offers a combined 130+ years of experience.

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We are excited to become a part of USACS, a physician-owned group like ours, but with national resources and scale. As physician owners, we know that this is the model that best serves patients, and we look forward to growing with USACS and continuing to improve on the efficient care our patients have come to expect when they come through our doors.

Jeffrey Visser, MD, co-chair of emergency medicine at CHI Memorial and co-founder of CEM

Expanding ownership to all our physicians is a unique advantage USACS offers our group over and above the increased collaboration and best-practice sharing with physicians all across the country

DeAnn Champion, MD, CHI Memorial system medical director and co-founder of CEM

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