Emergency Department Efficiency Academy

Photo of USACS' Efficiency Academy PresentationImagine if your ED physicians shared your enthusiasm for increasing emergency department efficiency. At USACS’s Efficiency Academy, our physicians pick up the passion for emergency department efficiency through a one and a half day intensive training course that shows them how breaking bad habits and learning some key practices can actually make a difference in their real-life productivity.

Here are some amazing results from our first year:

  • Graduates have shown clear improvement in their own personal productivity rankings
  • Sixty-four percent of the graduates improved their productivity by 0.75 RVU/hr, with the average increase being 1 RVU/hr  (Many of these physicians had practiced at the same level of productivity for years prior to taking the course!)
  • Graduates indicate increased personal satisfaction with their work

Interested in other ways USACS can help improve your health system management? See our hospital management case studies today. You can also learn about our support services by viewing the video to the right.