Emergency Medicine Management

Amid rapid change in health care, USACS’s model of physician-ownership ensures aligned, empowered physicians with a stake in ensuring our emergency departments provide the most effective, highest quality emergency medicine services in the country. Applying the physician ownership model to an emergency medicine group with national reach and resources, our hospital partners can be assured they are getting the right partner for today’s challenging health care environment.

Integrated Acute Care

USACS recognizes our hospital partners’ growing imperatives to deliver more efficient care across the entire health care continuum. That’s why we have purposefully integrated care services across the acute care spectrum, encompassing not just emergency medicine but observation medicine, hospitalist services and even skilled nursing care.

Our emphasis is on ensuring we deliver the right care at the right time in the right care setting. In many USACS facilities where multiple service lines are managed as seamless extensions of care delivery in the emergency department, we have realized dramatic improvement in throughput, dramatic increases in patient satisfaction and reduced lengths of stay for admitted patients.

National Clinical Governance

USACS has established an unparalleled process for improving quality across its emergency departments nationally, with a focus on delivering evidence-based clinical support tools to help our clinicians provide superior care.

A National Clinical Governance Board made of physicians throughout the country is responsible for clinical quality issues throughout the company, including:

  • Establishment of evidence-based protocols
  • Clinical data collections and analysis
  • Assessment of clinical outcomes and patient experience
  • Continual clinical and process improvement
  • Much more…

Physician Alignment

At USACS, we believe ownership matters. When physicians own the group, they work harder to create partnerships that are aligned with the hospitals and health systems they serve. They work together to create better patient experiences, and better patient outcomes.

Bringing together like-minded physicians groups from across the country, USACS has also leveraged the best practices and processes of its founding partners, scaling the best of each group to improve care delivery nationally.


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