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Increasing Patient Volume and Satisfaction to the Highest Levels in the Entire Health System

Improve ED Metrics Improve Patient Satisfaction

The ChallengeHospital Waiting Room

US Acute Care Solutions began managing an emergency department with a volume of 43,000 patients at the end of 2014. With a door-to-provider time of almost 50 minutes, nearly 5% of the patients were walking out before seeing a provider.

The Solution

Working closely with the ED staff and hospital administration, we implemented our Rapid Patient Management (RPM) program to ensure that patients who came to the ED actually received care—and rapidly.

Our highly successful RPM program provides rapid door-to-provider times by pairing a provider with the triage nurse to rapidly see and perform the Medical Screening Exam as soon as possible. This allows patients with potentially serious problems to be identified more rapidly while other patients can be seen and efficiently discharged. RPM reduces LWBS rates, sometimes to as low as 1%, and improves patient satisfaction scores.

The Results

The results have been dramatic, as shown in the graphs, with a door-to-provider time that is now 67% faster and around the top decile nationally, as well as an improved LWBS rate that equates to about 1,700 fewer patients per year leaving the hospital without treatment.

Patient Satisfaction Chart
A 2016 patient satisfaction report shows that USACS helped the hospital achieve a satisfaction score of 93.6%—the highest level in the entire health system.


Now, USACS is working with the ED staff and hospital leaders to achieve equally significant results in other hospital management solutions such as reducing severe sepsis and in continuing to increase patient satisfaction and throughput.

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