National Clinical Governance Board

National Clinical Governance BoardAs a company made up of founding partner groups from around the country, our leaders understand that there is often wide variability in the use and uptake of evidence-based guidelines for patient care. In some cases, two patients, each with the same complaints and risk factors, may get completely different treatments depending on which emergency department they walk into.  

That's why we've created the National Clinical Governance Board (NCGB). 

Establishment of evidence-based protocols 

The NCGB is tasked with all clinical governance issues facing USACS emergency departments throughout the country, establishing evidence-based clinical guidelines and then disseminating them throughout the company. 

Assessment of clinical outcomes and patient experience  

The goal is to develop guidelines for clinical care based on certain chief complaints. If most USACS providers follow the evidence-based consensus guidelines, we will be able to track and measure the expected reduction in variability and utilization, and eventually the improved clinical outcomes.  

A national impact 

We understand that the mere act of observing and measuring emergency department activity will likely have a substantive impact on utilization in the emergency departments, and we expect the impact to be even greater on a national scale.  

The Shift Blog

Read Dr. David Klein's blog post discussing how the USACS National Clinical Governance Board is helping to answer a national problem. 

Contact USACS to learn more about our National Clinical Governance Board, one of our largest, most significant steps toward improving emergency care nationwide.  

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