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Your Partners for Operational Improvement

Two female physicians reviewing a patients chartUS Acute Care Solutions’ Clinical Resource Group (CRG), formerly Echo Consulting Group, is an in-house team of physicians, advanced practice providers (APPs), and analysts dedicated to ensuring successful process improvement and implementations. The team has a long-standing data-driven, results-oriented approach designed to serve USACS hospital and health system partners in a rapidly changing healthcare environment.

With a highly collaborative style that is sensitive to individual hospital environments combined with agile project management, discrete simulation technology, and decades of hands on experience, the CRG team has proven that it can consistently deliver sustainable process and culture changes for our hospital partners.

Agile Project Management

Regardless of the project scope, agile projects promote adaptive planning, early delivery, and continuous improvement, as well as rapid and flexible response to change. During this process, the CRG focuses on developing relationships with hospital leadership and staff to prepare for partnership during the future change process.

Discrete Event Simulation Methodology

The CRG’s Discrete Event Simulation (DES) methodology is an essential tool for successful transformation in a complex environment. DES creates a model of a real or proposed system, allowing the team to draw inferences and run multiple scenarios before implementation. This modeling complements change management tools such as LEAN and Six Sigma by highlighting bottlenecks and process barriers, identifying true throughput capacity, validating future states before implementation, and analyzing the impact of reducing variability on process effectiveness.

Clinical Whitecoating Implementation

Clinical Whitecoating is a unique form of hands on coaching developed by the CRG team to ensure sustained process improvement. The coaching helps operational managers improve efficiencies, maintain discipline toward meeting goals, troubleshoot, innovate, and monitor key metrics.

Read our hospital management case studies to see examples of the Clinical Resource Group in action, or contact USACS to learn more.


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