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FRES (Front Range Emergency Specialists)

In 2018, Front Range Emergency Specialists (FRES) entered into a partnership with US Acute Care Solutions (USACS), the national leader in emergency medicine, hospitalist, and observation services. FRES brings a background of high-quality, compassionate care, striving to improve health outcomes in the community, through outreach efforts and public service.

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Partnership for patient-centered healthcare

FRES is a group of physicians who value physician partnership and have cultivated longstanding relationships with a premier healthcare system. This partnership further strengthens the USACS relationship as an essential provider of emergency medicine services for Centura Health in Colorado and western Kansas.

We're proud to join USACS. Both our physicians and our hospital partner will benefit, but our patients are the biggest winners. Bringing the resources of a national group, but one committed to physician ownership, means the groups that join USACS are able to keep the patient at the center of every healthcare decision,

Jack Sharon MD, President, FRES

About Front Range Emergency Specialists

Front Range Emergency Specialists (FRES) is a team of highly trained, board-certified emergency physicians. For more than 20 years, the group has provided emergency medicine services for Centura Health of Colorado and western Kansas, to 119,000 patients annually. Learn about the other partners of USACS who share the same passion and commitment to providing better solutions in acute care.

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