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Paid Parental Leave for Clinicians

US Acute Care Solutions offers Paid Parental Leave and flexible scheduling for all new parents, including 12 weeks of paid time off for birth mothers. Join USACS and enjoy some of the most generous Paid Parental Leave in all of healthcare.

Our Family, Your Family

USACS values family, and the diverse ways families are born. As partners of one of the largest and fastest-growing physician-owned groups in the nation, we are one family, united in our mission to care for patients and each other. When a physician or advanced practice provider (APP) in our group decides to have a child, the rest of us rally around to ensure they receive the time they need to pursue their dream of family and the financial support they need to continue excelling in their careers. At USACS, we’re living life to the fullest, together.

Our Paid Parental Leave policy is among the most generous, not just in acute care, but in all of healthcare. It applies to all new parents, including birth mothers, as well as fathers, partners, spouses, adoptive, or surrogate parents. We take care of you like family, so you can take care of yours.

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Parental Leave for Your Needs

Learn how our flexible parental leave policy matches your unique circumstances.

*Based on 12 months of regular pay information prior to leave.

Father, partner or spouse (non-primary parent): 

2 weeks parental leave paid at 100%*
+ 3 months of flexible scheduling post leave (as available) 

Adoptive or surrogate parent (primary parent): 

2 weeks parental leave paid at 100%*
+4 weeks primary care giver leave paid at 50%*
+ 3 months of flexible scheduling post leave (as available)

Birth mothers: 

8 weeks paid at 100%*
(2 weeks parental leave + 6 weeks short-term disability)
+4 weeks primary care giver leave paid at 50%*
+ 1 month of pre-leave and 3 months of flexible scheduling post-leave (as available) 

Industry-leading Benefits

Learn about the other benefits you’ll enjoy with USACS.

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