Observation Medicine Management

US Acute Care Solutions is a national leader in the implementation and management of observation care units for hospitals & health systems. Our observation units have a long track record of success, including dramatic reductions in length-of-stay, easing staffing demands and enabling increased hospital capacity.

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US Acute Care Solutions advocates for a closed unit design with dedicated beds and specialized staff. This approach is proven to optimize inpatient and ED flow, improve hospital capacity and ultimately maintain a higher level of care for patients.

Additional Benefits Include:

  • Fewer RAC audit penalties
  • Reduced unnecessary admissions
  • Reduced ED over-crowding
  • Improved patient satisfaction
  • Reduced diversion hours
  • Reduced boarder Length of Stay

Closed Model vs. Scattered Bed


As a national leader in observation medicine, USACS is capable of providing seamless implementation, staffing and ongoing management over observation care units nation-wide.

Improved Metrics

USACS data consistently reflect well-managed units delivering enormous benefits to patients, community providers and to health systems. USACS metrics include:

  • 25 patients per bed per month
  • <20 hour Length of Stay
  • <15% conversion rate
  • <5% readmission rate at 30 days
  • Patient satisfaction scores >4.5 (1-5 scale)

Seamless Emergency Department Integration

With its deep roots in Emergency Medicine and national footprint, USACS understands the profound impact that a well-managed Observation Medicine unit can have on the smooth functioning operations of the Emergency Department.

In many USACS facilities where observation medicine services are managed as a seamless extension of care delivery in the emergency department, we have realized dramatic improvement in throughput, as well as reductions in Length of Stay for admitted patients.


USACS offers hospitals and health systems a preliminary Observation Care Revenue Analysis at no cost or obligation. Our team will assess your hospital's current state and offer the optimal model to achieve reductions in length of stay, improve patient flow, increase patient satisfaction and aid hospital capacity management.

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