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Scholars Program: Creating Acute Care Leaders

Photo of USACS' Scholars ProgramExperienced Leadership is critical for hospital system success. That's why US Acute Care Solutions (USACS) has developed the USACS Scholars Program. This intensive one-year training course designed to equip future clinical leaders with a broad curriculum covering topics including self-awareness, teambuilding, conflict resolution and leadership skills. 

Offering insight on a spectrum of emergency and acute care leadership topics, the USACS Scholars Program helps prepare clinicians for the unique challenges and opportunities associated with integrated acute care.

The Scholars Program has a proven track record of success with over 90% of participants having assumed a leadership role within USACS!

The Scholars Program is an internal leadership development program designed to help foster leaders within the company." Annie M. Sinnot, DO

Scholars Program General Curriculum

General Categories

  • Personal Assessment & Development
  • Conflict Management
  • Strategy and Growth
  • Risk Management
  • Business of Acute Care Medicine
  • Contract Vitality
  • Leadership
  • Professionalism
  • Patient-Centered Experience
  • Team Building
  • Process Flow Operations


    • Didactic sessions at our Canton, Ohio headquarters bring you up close and personal with the vibrant culture of USACS. Clinical and administrative leaders engage with Scholars over the course of the year. You will enjoy unparalleled access to the engaged and vibrant team that has built USACS. Depending on how other national meetings fall, two or three of these sessions will be held.
    • Web conferences keep us connected and making progress despite our geographical barriers. You will hone and polish your presentation skills, regularly apprising the team of your updates. Additionally, you will learn to listen and focus ensuring this technology is vital and maximally useful. Average 15-20 of these meetings per conference year.
    • Assigned reading and guided assignments provide in-depth learning and exploration of topics at a more relaxed pace. Reading assignments focus on fundamental books that are at the core of “business-speak” as well as novel and cutting edge approaches to leadership.  They make sure that clinicians learn the language of business so they can effectively communicate with non-clinical leaders.
    • Leadership Forums are USACS' way of staying in-touch with clinicians and site leadership. Several times per year, we gather for a 3-4 day block of intense collaboration and decision making. As a USACS Scholar, you get a front row seat. Since we are all together, we use these locations as a great opportunity to include some Scholars time.
    • National Conferences that align with advancing the strategy and science of acute care medicine and leadership are incorporated into the schedule.
    • Advocacy training during this experience provides you with all the tools you need to be heard by local, regional, and national political leaders.
    • We take you to the National Symposium in the fall where you focus on recruitment. Being present in the booth is fun and instructive regarding USACS' opportunities.
    • How can you contribute to the conversation in your state? Attend your state specialty society meetings to find out.
    • Administrative projects are among the tools USACS asks you to use in giving back. What is a great idea you have to improve flow or improve documentation or make a better work environment? Learn how to take an idea successfully to fruition.


The Scholars program is competitive, and demands a significant investment of time and energy.  In exchange, you receive unparalleled opportunities to refine, practice, and embrace your leadership potential.

Think you have what it takes to be a Scholar?  Are you ready to enhance your leadership abilities, communication skills, and put your personal growth into overdrive?  Are you ready to serve others and make a difference in your community and USACS?

Contact USACS to learn more about our Scholars Program.


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