Traveling Providers

USACS' Traveling Physician Firefighter Program provides emergency physicians a unique opportunity to live exactly where they want, as well as incredibly flexible scheduling usually not available in more traditional EM roles.

Many of our traveling physicians have chosen the Firefighter Program so that they can actually spend longer stretches of time with family, and live in places where there may not necessarily be a group or a practice setting they like. The benefits include:

  • Extreme flexibility in schedule
  • No on call shifts
  • Paid travel

To learn more about what it's like to be a traveling physician, read our profile of Dr. Deepika Singh, a traveler and mother of two.

Traveling EM Physicians Traveling Hospitalists

Meet Deepika Singh, MD, one of USACS' Traveling Emergency Physicians, and her family

"When I come home the quality time is really quality... Instead of trying to cram everything a parent does before going back to work I can sleep in, work out, and spend time with the kids."

- Deepika Singh, MD, Assistant Director of Traveling Physicians

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