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You got into medicine to do one thing: care for patients. You've come to the right place.

Ours is a physician-owned group, the largest in the nation, meaning we have built a model that allows our physicians to focus on our mission: to care for patients. It also means we are built to last, with the size, resources, and opportunities of a national company.

At US Acute Care Solutions you will get ownership in the group, access to the very best post-residency continuing medical education in the nation, and a culture devoted to constant improvement by practicing evidence-based medicine. But most importantly, you’ll get colleagues who, as leaders of their own destiny, are committed to a culture of shared ownership over our common goal: outstanding patient care.


Brownsville is a small city in Tennessee. Living in Brownsville has a sparse suburban feel, which can be a nice mix between rural areas and larger suburban areas since there is more space for the money and generally still a tight-knit community. Residents make lifelong friends, as children attend the same schools K-12. Enjoy the 4.5 miles of natural dirt trails for mountain biking and hiking and scenic trails along Sugar Creek, a stream of the Hatchie River. As the only unchanneled section of the Mississippi tributary left, the Hatchie River Basin provides an unrivaled opportunity to see the wilds of the delta region in its glory, from watching migration patterns of the Mississippi Flyway during the Hatchie Birdfest to wandering the cypress groves of the back trails. This amazing river experience and Hatchie National Wildlife Refuge are hard to beat.




Talk to a recruiter about positions staffed by USACS. Let our experienced team lead you through the career maze of competitive salaries, signing bonuses, retirement plans, insurance and medical malpractice coverage.

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