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Who We Are

Get to know US Acute Care Solutions a little better by hearing what real employees and hospital partners have to say. These videos showcase our corporate culture by illustrating what it’s like to work for the nation’s leading physician-owned acute care provider. See for yourself what makes USACS so great.

Become a Leader Play Video Become a Leader Details
Diversity and Inclusion Play Video Diversity and Inclusion Details
Ownership Play Video Ownership Details
Traveling Physicians Play Video Traveling Physicians Details
Why USACS Play Video Why USACS? Details
#1 Choice for Women Play Video #1 Choice for Women Details

Video Challenge

Is your residency program the best in the country? These former residents thought so, and they came up with very creative ways to prove it. Our Annual Video Challenge encourages residents to submit short video entries that highlight what sets their residency program apart. Watch previous years of winning entries below.

Highland Play Video 2015 - Highland Details
OUDEM - My House Play Video 2015 - OUDEM - My House Details

Wealth Management

Our wealth management video series walks you through the steps you need to take to begin building wealth early in your clinical career and protect it over the long term.

1. How Money Works Play Video Episode 1- How Money Works Details
2. One Fact, Two Financial Statements Play Video Episide 2- One Fact, Two Financial Statements Details
3. You Don't Get Wealthy at Work Play Video Episode 3- You Don't Get Wealthy at Work Details
4. Wealth Comes Easiest to Those Who Take Advantage of Time Play Video Episode 4- Wealth Comes Easiest to Those Who Take Advantage of Time Details
5. 80/20 Rule Play Video Episode 5- 80/20 Rule Details
6. Wealth is Attracted to Investors Play Video Episode 6- Wealth is Attracted to Investors Details
7. Wealth Grows Safely for Those Who Protect it from Risk Play Video Episode 7- Wealth Grows Safely for Those Who Protect it from Risk Details
8. Insurable Risks Play Video Episode 8- Insurable Risks Details
9. Why Play Video Episode 9- Why Do You Want to be Wealthy? Details
10. Student Loans Play Video Episode 10- Student Loans Details
11. Buying a Home Play Video Episode 11- Buying a Home Details
12. Cars Play Video Episode 12- Cars Details
13. Passive Income Play Video Episode 13- Passive Income Details
14. Children Factor Part 1 Play Video Episode 14- Children Factor Part 1 Details
15. Children Factor Part 2 Play Video Episode 15- Children Factor Part 2 Details
16. Opportunity Fund Play Video Episode 16- Opportunity Fund Details
17. Tale of 2 Vacation Homes Play Video Episode 17- A Tale of Two Vacation Homes Details
18. Finding a Financial Advisor Play Video Episode 18- Finding a Financial Advisor Details
19. I Love Roth's Play Video Episode 19- I Love Roth's Details
20. Now On Your Way, Now What? Play Video Episode 20- Now On Your Way, Now What? Details
21. Building Wealth is NOT a Math Problem Play Video Episode 21- Building Wealth is Not a Math Problem Details