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Physician Loan Payback Program

Let US take care of your student loans

Seven-Year Physician Loan Payback Program

  • At USACS, seven is better than ten
    • Join USACS for a seven-year commitment as opposed to the ten-year federal program
  • Serve four years at initial site*, then can transfer within USACS if desired
  • Refinance your loan to a 15-year term
    • USACS has a preferred rate program with Laurel Road that takes an additional 0.25% off of your refinanced interest rate
  • After seven years (84 on-time payments), USACS will pay off the remaining balance of your student loan
  • Program is for full-time physicians (120 hours per month)

*This program is available at multiple USACS sites and we're adding more all the time. Fill out the form below to learn more.

Current Loan Balance ($)
Interest Rate
Loan Term (Years)
Loan Balance After 7 Years
USACS Bonus Amount


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